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Frequently Asked Questions

Please use our registration form on our Homepage.
Just select if you are a Sugardaddy or a Sugarbabe and then choose „Register now for free“.
The registration is completely free of charge.
After registration, we will send an activation link to your Email address. You need to click on the link to activate your profile. After successfully activating your profile, you can always log in to My Sugar Daddy with your registered user name / Email address and your password.
Please ensure that you have entered the correct log in details. If you want to log in for the first time, maybe you forgot to activate your account with the activation link sent to your Email address. Please also check your spam folder. If you can still not register, please send an email to support@mysugardaddy.eu.
You can upload your photos when you click on Settings and select your profile. You will see that you can upload or delete photos from your album, the VIP album or your profile photo. You only click "upload“ in the album you want to adjust.
The VIP album can only be viewed by VIP members.
You may upload a total of 21 photos. 1 will be your profile photo, and you can upload 10 photos in your album (every user can see these photos), plus another 10 photos in your VIP album (can only be viewed by VIP members).
Photos which are against laws and offend others are not allowed. Photos which include contact details are not allowed and photos which can be found with the Google Search are not allowed.
You can deactivate your account when you chose the menu option and then click on settings.
Simply click on "Become VIP". You will then be forwarded to our membership options explaining you the different VIP packages.
These are the actual prices:

Sugar Daddy

Sugar Babe













  • In order to unlock another member and to open the communication channel, you need to use credits. Prices can be found under "Credits".
  • VIP members do not need to unlock other VIP members. They can always communicate with each other.
  • If you are a VIP member, you will receive 50 credits every month, which can be used to unlock the communication channel of 10 Sugar Babes.
  • If you are a Basic User, you need to pay 5 credits to unlock a VIP member or 20 credits to unlock another Basic user.
  • If you unlock a user, the communication channel will be open for one month.
  • If you do not want to unlock another member but you are interested in him or her, you can try to get their attention by sending an unlock request. In this case, the member will most probably click on your profile to decide if he wants to pay for unlocking the communication channel.
You can chose from the following packages:
50 Credits for

14,99 €

150 Credits for29,99 €
500 Credits for79,99 €

1000 Credits for 

119,99 €
If you are interested in buying credits or a VIP membership, you can choose from different payment options. You can pay with different credit cards (American Express, VISA, MasterCard).
If you are logged in and you click on the "Menu" tab, you will see some options you can choose from. Please select "Profile". At the bottom of your profile page you will see the description for Reality Check, ID Check and Income Check. You will also see a detailed explanation of how the verification process works.
  • VIP members receive 50 credits per month.
  • VIP members can see all photos, also the ones that have been uploaded in the VIP album.
  • VIP members can contact all other VIP members at no additional cost.
  • VIP members can see a list of sent kisses.
  • VIP members can see which other members saved their profile as "Favorite"
  • VIP members can see which profiles have already been visited.
Your profile will still be visible for other members and only your rights within the community will be downgraded to a Basic user. You can always cancel the membership until one week before the membership expires.
The easiest way to cancel your membership is by clicking on the "Menu" tab when you are logged in. Then you have to click on "Settings". By clicking the button for the termination of your VIP membership, you will cancel your membership This will also be displayed afterwards. You can also send us an email to support@mysugardaddy.eu if you need further information or support.
You can change your active email address when you click on "Settings".
Please send us an email to support@mysugardaddy.eu if you wish to change your user name. Please include your new user name. We will check if the user name is still available. If it is, we will adjust your profile at no cost.
If you forgot your password you can click on "Forgot password" directly on our Home Page. Please enter your email address. Your new password will then be sent to your email address. Please also check your spam folder.
  • User name
  • Activation after deactivation
  • Birthday